Fashion for Jewels

"Jewellers Stephen Webster and Theo Fennell and designer Osman Yousefzada all praise the book, which highlights the way in which jewellery and fashion have become intertwined over the last century." - Vogue

Featured in Apollo Magazine, Vanity Fair & Vogue


Drawing Jewels for Fashion

"Charting the creative process from designers’ initial doodles on hotel note cards to intricate painterly sketches... Woolton takes the reader on a fantastical, revelatory journey into the lives and thoughts of the minds behind the sparkling accessories." - Vogue

Featured in Vanity Fair, Stella & The Telegraph


Floral Jewels 

"Woolton has cultivated a book of such poetic verdancy, it’s a wonder it doesn’t require regular watering." - Telegraph

Featured in Vogue, The Financial Times & The Telegraph


Vogue the Jewellery

"The photos, expertly dug from the magazine's archive... are everything you would wish them to be, Woolton's commentary is discreet and judicious, and the design is striking in its elegance." - Daily Mail

Featured in The Daily Mail & The Financial Times